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2ingis® was founded by Phillippe De Moyer CEO and Inventor of Genius®.

Genius® development was based on his 43 years’ of experience in the dental field especially 19 years in guided surgery.

2ingis® diversified team combines know-how, expertise and passion.

2ingis® has incredible solutions, products and services.   


GENIUS® is freedom under your control.

  1. Open view, perfect vision and irrigation of the surgical site.
  2. Eliminate any contact of contamination between the drill or implants with the guides.
  3. Incredible precision during drilling and implant placement (2 to 3 times more precise than traditional guides).*3

GENIUS® is 10.000 implants in 1 box.

  1. All implant brands.
  2. All implant lengths and diameters.
  3. All implant technics, flap or flapless surgery.

GENIUS® is your marvellous butler.

  1. Keeps tongue and cheek safely away from the implant site.
  2. Saves your time and energy / Advises on complex cases.
  3. Organises and plans your surgery ahead of time.