Mis 2 2ingis Swissmeda

Decrease: the surgical risks, post-op problems, chair time Increase: the precision, the predictability and the patient satisfaction .

Placement of MIS Seven Ǿ 3,75 & 4,2 implants

Surgeon: Nicolas Gabard (Tourcoing : France) Dental Laboratory: Mathieu Lavenu (Saint Quentin : France)

Inventor: Philippe De Moyer (Brussels: Belgium)

Simple, inexpensive and fast protocol

1. An impression with Impregum in the 2INGIS RX Guide

2. CT or CBCT with the 2INGIS RX Guide in the mouth

3. Optical scanning in the dental lab with an open scanner

4a. Implant planning with 3D Reference

4b. Implant planning integration of the stone model

4c. Implant planning integration of the setup

Implant planning for riskless surgery

Implant planning for riskless surgery

5. Implant planning Output and 2INGIS guide Design

2INGIS Surgical Plan

2INGIS / MIS surgical kit with Bone expander kit

6. 2INGIS Surgery (irrigation and Access are avalables)

Titanium Surgical with 3 Fixations and Gingival Punch

Removing of the gigival parts

Final drillresult

Mis Seven Implant

Peek temporary

Fixation of the temporary bridge

Final result with happy patient

Final result

6 Implants in place with temporary restauration

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