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Our approach with the patient

Why choose to use one or more implants?

An implant is a titanium or zircon screw that is placed in the bone of your jaw. This implant replaces the root of your missing teeth. A prosthesis (crown, bridge, removable prosthesis,…) will then be fixed on these implants to obtain the smile you desire.

An implant, therefore, preserves your comfort, your aesthetics, and the prosthesis has a 100% natural appearance. It is tailor-made for you.

An implant also maintains the bone capital of your jaw under the effects of mastication, which stimulates bone creation. Unlike prostheses that are not placed on one or more implants.

Therefore, the implant preserves your mastication, digestion and accordingly your health.

Implantology (the act of placing an implant) is a technique that has been practiced for more than 45 years.


Implants are composed of biocompatible elements that comply with CE, FDA,……. These elements are also used in the manufacture of other types of prostheses (Hip, Knee…). 

Placing implants by hand without a guide is a risky act!


Why choose guided surgery to place your implants?
Deciding to place an implant with a surgical guide provides better predictability (anticipation) of results in order to achieve the desired result. This improves implant placement and esthetic performance.  It also allows the patient to respond to the will of the patient, who can feel more reassured and listened to. 
The 2ingis® surgical guide also makes it possible to secure and optimize the surgical procedure and make it reproducible if necessary. 
In general, regardless of the type of guide used, benefits are recognized:
  • Increased safety, precision and comfort (less pain) 
  • Saving time in the operating room
  • Decrease in post-operative impact 
  • Increased precision in relation to the prosthetic axes, which will facilitate the production of the prosthesis
  • Modernization of implant placement to ensure total safety
The 2ingis® guided surgery process  
2ingis® has a computer program “2ingis® Planning” that allows your dentist and implantologist to examine the following:
  • the anatomy of your mouth
  • the volume of bone in your jaw
  • the exact position of your teeth
  • the exact location of your arteries and nerves
With this information, the dentist and implantologist can analyze and plan the best way to place your implants and new teeth in your mouth before treatment. 
And so, you will benefit from a treatment and a result without surprise
And also, these treatments are studied and calculated in the smallest details so no financial surprises!
Following the acceptance of the treatment, a 2ingis® surgical guide is individually made to your measurements. 
A new smile on the day of implant placement: it is possible.
Ask your dentist for more information

Do not take the risk ask for a 2ingis® GUIDE for your implant placement.
The implant performed by hand without a guide is risky!

Treatment and outcome without surprises
Each 2ingis guide is individually designed as per your personal measurements.
With the guide the treatment takes place with maximum comfort.
The treatment is studied and calculated in detail to give accurate costs and have no financial surprises.

A perfect smile on the same day as your implant placement is possible with the 2ingis® guides.
Your dentist will confirm this.

Ask your dentist for maximum safety and comfort for your implant placements with 2ingis® planning and 2ingis® guides.
Implant preserves your aesthetic, your mastication, your digestion and also your health.