Our approach with the patient

The possibility of placing an implant without pain.

2ingis® has a computer program “2ingis® Planning” that allows your dentist and your implantologist to view the following:

  • the anatomy of your mouth
  • the volume of the bone in your jaw
  • the exact position of your teeth
  • the exact location of your arteries and nerves

With this information, the dentist and implantologist can analyse the best placement for your implants and new teeth in your mouth before treatment.

Do not take the risk ask for a 2ingis® GUIDE for your implant placement.
The implant performed by hand without a guide is risky!

Treatment and outcome without surprises
Each 2ingis guide is individually designed as per your personal measurements.
With the guide the treatment takes place with maximum comfort.
The treatment is studied and calculated in detail to give accurate costs and have no financial surprises.

A perfect smile on the same day as your implant placement is possible with the 2ingis® guides.
Your dentist will confirm this.

Ask your dentist for maximum safety and comfort for your implant placements with 2ingis® planning and 2ingis® guides.
Implant preserves your aesthetic, your mastication, your digestion and also your health.