Conditions for application

Unless specifically stated otherwise by us in writing, our quotes and sales and more generally all our commercial relationships are subject to the present sales conditions. In the event that the purchaser’s sales conditions do not correspond to our general sales conditions, our general conditions alone shall apply.


The contracts governed by these general conditions have as their sole purpose the sale of goods and services. Product application takes place under the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Our advertising and information do not constitute quotes and they are not binding. The representations, dimensions, weights and technical data present in our catalogue are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute contractual information. Our quotes are valid for a limited period only. In the absence of provisions to the contrary, our quotes are valid for a period of one month.

Establishment of a contract

Contracts are deemed to be concluded at the offices of 2ingis®, 230 Rue de Ransbeek box 15, B-1120 Brussels.


In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, prices for our goods and services do not include VAT. For orders over 2.500€, a partial payment of 50% will be required upon confirmation of the order.

Price increases

If, after the date of the quote but prior to delivery, one or more components of the cost price undergo an increase, even due to foreseeable circumstances, the agreed price may be increased. The new price will be communicated to the purchaser on delivery at the latest. In the event that the price increases by more than 10%, the buyer may cancel the sale, providing us with notification of his decision within 15 days of notification of the price increase.

Payment of the price

In the absence of a written agreement to the contrary, the payment should be made within 10 days of the date of the delivery (Ex Works). Any delay in payment shall incur − automatically and without prior notice − penalty interest of 12% per year, to be supplemented by lump sum compensation amounting to 15% of the invoice amount, for a minimum of 150 euros.

Lead times

Lead times are given for information purposes only. We may not be held liable for any indirect damages arising from non-delivery or late delivery. If the delivery delay exceeds 30 days, the buyer may cancel the sale, with any deposit (excluding compensation of any kind) being refunded to him. Our deliveries are carried out according to incoterm EXW (Ex Works).

Force majeure

Force majeure, regardless of its origin, shall release the supplier from all supply obligations.


Any complaints (visible or hidden conformity defects) must be submitted by registered letter at the latest 8 days following receipt of the goods (2ingis® s.a., 230 Rue de Ransbeek box 15, B-1120 Brussels). Once this period has passed, all deliveries shall be deemed to have been accepted and no complaints will be considered. The complaint shall not relieve the buyer from his obligations to pay within the period set down in the general sales conditions. If the complaint is well founded, we will have the choice either of taking back the goods and replacing them with similar goods, or of issuing a credit note made out to the buyer for an amount equal to the goods amount, excluding other damages and interest. No return of goods may take place without providing us with prior notification. Return carriage costs shall be borne by the buyer, except in the case of a prior agreement on our part.

Reservation of title clause

Goods delivered shall remain our property up until they have been fully paid for (main sum, accessories and costs).

Delivery risks

Goods are shipped at the buyer’s own risk. All deliveries shall give rise to the invoicing of a delivery charge.


In the event that an order is cancelled by the buyer, the buyer shall be bound to pay us compensation amounting to 25% of the cancelled order. If the ordered product was specially manufactured for the buyer, the order may not be cancelled and the total order price must be paid.


The non-payment of a single invoice by due date shall automatically make payable the outstanding balance for all other invoices, even those not having fallen due.

Conditions for express termination

In the event that the buyer fails to fulfil his obligations, the sale shall automatically be terminated.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any disputes regarding the interpretation and execution of these general sales conditions shall be governed by Belgian law. The courts of Brussels shall alone be competent.