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  • avril 7th, 2023

Digital workflow with a metal-free surgical guide and zirconia implant

Dr Saurabh Gupta, IndiaIn recent years, ceramic implants have become an attractive and reliable alternative to titanium implants. With the advancement of digital implant dentistry and increasing use of metal-free surgical guides, there should be reliable guided surgery options available to place such implants (…) Show more

  • avril 7th, 2023

Guided Endodontics: Use of a Sleeveless Guide System on an Upper Premolar with Pulp Canal Obliteration and Apical Periodontitis

Guided endodontics has been used for the treatment of anterior teeth with a successfuloutcome. This approach is not only limited to anterior teeth because it can also be used for thetreatment of premolars and molars. However, in such cases, space may be a limitationbecause a long bur has to...

  • avril 7th, 2023

Retrospective study to determine the accuracy of template-guided implant placement using a novel nonradiologic evaluation method

The computer-aided planning of implants with subsequent static or dynamic implementation of the implant position (three-dimensional implant planning and insertion [3-DII]) aims to predictably achieve the best possible prosthetic restoration of the implants and to make optimal use of the available bone for this purpose. Show more