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  • Juni 13th, 2023


Thanks to its revolutionary and patented double guide system, the 2INGIS surgical guides allow for faster and minimally invasive surgeries, while maintaining a very high level of safety during surgeries. These three assets are perfectly reflected in the motto of 2INGIS: “Simple, precise for patient’s satisfaction”. Show more

  • Juni 13th, 2023

Retrospective study to determine the accuracy of template-guided implant placement using a novel nonradiologic evaluation method

The computer-aided planning of implants with subsequent static or dynamic implementation of the implant position (three-dimensional implant planning and insertion [3-DII]) aims to predictably achieve the best possible prosthetic restoration of the implants and to make optimal use of the available bone for this purpose. Show more

  • Juni 13th, 2023

New innovative method relating guided surgery to dental implant placement

Companies selling dental implant guided systems mostly offer similar surgical guides. The purpose of this paper is to present an innovative-guided surgery system which originality lies in its guidance device, and to report the author’s experience in using this system for dental implant surgery. Show more