Digital workflow with a metal-free surgical guide and zirconia implant

Dr Saurabh Gupta, IndiaIn recent years, ceramic implants have become an attractive and reliable alternative to titanium implants. With the advancement of digital implant dentistry and increasing use of metal-free surgical guides, there should be reliable guided surgery options available to place such implants (…) Show more

New innovative method relating guided surgery to dental implant placement

Companies selling dental implant guided systems mostly offer similar surgical guides. The purpose of this paper is to present an innovative-guided surgery system which originality lies in its guidance device, and to report the author’s experience in using this system for dental implant surgery. Show more


Thanks to its revolutionary and patented double guide system, the 2INGIS surgical guides allow for faster and minimally invasive surgeries, while maintaining a very high level of safety during surgeries. These three assets are perfectly reflected in the motto of 2INGIS: “Simple, precise for patient’s satisfaction”. Show more