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Simplicity and
highest precision
in your hand

Genius® allows drilling, implant placements and more if needed.

Whats does Genius® solve?

GENIUS® surgical guides can be totally heat sterilised at a 135° for respect of surgical chain.

GENIUS® has the only open structure, thats allows view.
and invasive surgery.
GENIUS® accept all surgical standard drills and tools, sinus lift, implant drivers. All surgical techniques can be used without guide contact. Any contamination is excluded.
GENIUS® special design allows to place in extremly small mouth openings (up to 25 mm space saving).

2ingis® full WORKFLOW

From X-ray analizing to implant planning trought an individual Genius® drillguide the implants are placed in a precise, secure and predictable way.
1. Dental Impression
The impression with non opaque impression materials in standard impression tray or with denture duplicate.
The CBCT will be taken with the impression in the mouth.
3. Pre-implant planning
Dicom data will be integrated in the planning software.
A. CBCT quality control.
B. Control: enough bone to place implants?


Planning can be done with SMOP®, Co DiagnostiX™, Exoplan®, ...
4. 3D scanning and integration
A. Reference scan
B. Model scan
C. Set up scan

5. Surgical guide protocol
Every planning is controled by 2ingis®. Genius® is an patient’s individual surgical guide 3D printed in metal or resin. Genius® is delivered with his individual surgical protocol per case.

6. Surgery
is done step by step following the surgical protocol

How Genius® works in surgery: Follow step by step

2ingis® Guide Services.

2ingis® and his partners offers worldwide different services:


 3D scannings : reference, model and set up.

 Integration of the 3D scanning images (STL files).

 Implant planning according to the expectations of the surgeons and final prosthetics.

Individual medical

2ingis® designs and or 3D print the patient’s individual medical device: surgical guides in metal or resin.



A powerful system in implantology, the 2ingis® guidance system enables the precision and speed of the surgical procedure to be combined, regardless of the number of implants to be placed.   We can only thank the inventor of this system that allows any operator to work with comfort, serenity and safety for the patient during his intervention.   The designer of this system also knows how to make himself available at important moments and adapt his system to different brands of implants with a dynamics, a professionalism and an enthusiasm extremely pleasant.   Attached Practitioner of Hospitals from the university faculty of Montpellier.

Dr. Marie Alix Fauroux
Attached Practitioner of Hospitals from the university faculty of Montpellier.

Having tried different guidance systems, I find that 2ingis® is significantly superior to others.   The reason is simple. It is based on an idea as simple as it is great: the guidance is not obtained by friction around the drill, but by sliding on two rods arranged laterally. Result: it can be used for all successive drills. And of course, it is compatible with all implant systems.   We are extremely satisfied because it brings a plus, both in terms of safety (which is very appreciated especially by beginners in the context of the DU of implantology) and in precision (for the delicate cases where the error of placement is prohibited).   But the most spectacular contribution naturally remains the comfort of the patient: no mucosal detachment so no follow-up!   I highly recommend this system! Faculty of Odontology of the University of Montpellier

Professeur Jacques-Henri Torres
Faculty of Odontology of the University of Montpellier

Just as GPS has revolutionized driver guidance on roads, the 2ingis® Surgical Guide has propelled oral implantology into the era of safety, efficiency and speed.   What comfort for the practitioner as well as for the patient as the surgical act is reduced in time and controlled by a thorough work upstream. Using the 2ingis® guide is integrating the news into your implantology practice thanks to a programmeabouti, a mastery of robotic technology as well as adhering to the security of your actions.   Congratulations again to its inventor for having managed to design a product as simple and so powerful!

Dr. Ridelaire
cercle d'implantologie Luxembourg

I have been working with 2ingis® guides for years, I have known all generations of company guides and I am proud to have contributed somewhat to the improvement of the system. Because it is one of the strong points of the society, the interaction and the integration of the wishes of the practitioner. Today, the product is mature and perfectly meets the highest requirements. But I am sure that new improvements will come with the increase in the number of users.   This double guidance simplifies my work, transforms delicate situations into comfortable situations. I was able to help many patients who came to my home because the previous practitioner felt, rightly without the use of a guided system, the situation unmanageable.   Recently, new zirconia forests, particularly aggressive, appeared in the range of 2ingis®, impossible to use without a guide because they have no spikes but sharp edges flat, they have only one disadvantage, it becomes difficult to appreciate the hardness of the bone as they have an impressive cutting power ... In short, with a direct irrigation on the forest and a razor cut, the risk of heating disappears. And that, it speaks to me! And I could talk about it for hours, if you have questions, you're welcome.

Dr. Fréderic Dumont

Our experiences with 2ingis® are very positive. The system is safe and easy to use. The technical support for planning and queries is optimal.   We use 2ingis® v.a. To be able to carry out implantation in critical areas absolutely safely and to avoid complex measures by bone augmentation through the optimized implant positioning.   The patients are enthusiastic about the minimally invasive procedure and the lack of pain and swelling postoperatively.

Dr. Alexander Neubauer
Owner Medident Bavaria

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Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system

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