2INGIS® is an innovative company that designs and produces surgical guides for dental applications. Its diverse team combines medical know-how, expertise and passion. 

The 2INGIS® individual patient medical device works with all types of instruments for dental surgery. 2INGIS® designs and produces surgical guides for dental implant placement, oral bone surgery, root canal therapy (removing the nerve from a tooth) and orthodontic treatment (straightening teeth).

2NGIS® Guide inventor

The company was founded by the current CEO and inventor of the 2INGIS® Guide: Phillippe De Moyer.

Mr De Moyer, from the height of his 40 years of experience in the dental sector, the last 27 of which have been exclusively devoted to implant art, has developed new solutions and technologies to solve the inherent and intrinsic problems of traditional implant surgery (invasive surgery, contaminated implant site, lack of visibility, etc.).

Mr De Moyer has been able to rely on the feedback of many world opinion leaders in implantology to constantly develop his guidance system so that it continues to meet the requirements and difficulties encountered by implantologists.

Over his 27 years of expertise in guided surgery, Mr De Moyer has introduced and converted new dentists to guided surgery, thanks to the simplicity of his technology.

A growing number of studies from universities such as Ülm University in Germany, the University of Michigan in the US and the KUL Leuven in Belgium, are being carried out to demonstrate the accuracy of 2ingis guides.


Why is 2INGIS® your best choice?

Optimal cooling of the bone and the drill bit, because the water supply is not blocked or obstructed by the drilling template. No risk of bone damage.
The unique template design with full accessibility facilitates the insertion of the bone replacement material without touching the guide.
Thanks to the slender shape and the bilateral hand-piece guidance, the surgical field is accessible without obstruction and is fully visible. Flapless surgery can therefore be performed with better access and more confidence.

The drilling template available in metal can be sterilized at 135°. Some dedicated resin too. But we advise for resin guide cold sterilization.

Extremely high level of precision achieved with the guide. Even the most inexperienced dentist have achieved remarkable results.
Compatible with all instruments, implant brands and shape.

Because the drills are guided through an open space and run freely, contamination of the surgical area through resin or metal debris is prevented.

2INGIS® Guide has obtained the clean implant certification.

Even expansion screws can be inserted contact-free and checked for an accurate fit. No risk of debris or infection
The design allows the use of significantly shorter standard drills, which also enables applications in hard-to-reach regions.

Due to its unique design and its shape designed in 3D, the 2INGIS® guide is very stable, which is not always the case with regular templates.

2INGIS® guide is the only guide that allows you to have a guide & temporary in one for immediate loadings

Due to the full accessibility feature, patients can receive anaesthesia with 2INGIS guide in place for added comfort.